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Top 10 tips for guiding you through a home downsizing

Ten tips for downsizing your home – by Personal Property Managers

This insight and others pertaining to senior transition, downsizing, tips on maximizing your home value, and other elder care options are presented to you by Nick and Joe Santoro of Personal Property Managers, your one call does it all solution…serving Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

1. Write a list of all the items you love and can’t part with; it will help you to discard the  things that didn’t make your list.

2. Start going through your belongings at least three months before the move. Take some time each day, or a morning each week, to go through that jammed coat closet and overflowing filing cabinet. Make sure to take out all important documents. Put them in a safe place.

3. Get a feel for the size of your new home and the size of the room and compare them to your home. You may think you can squeeze in items from your old home into your new home and that may not be the case…so measure each room to compare and contrast.

4. Go through times in your home that don’t have as much sentimental value. Take the kitchen, for example; most people don’t need 10 mixing bowls and won’t get teary-eyed over losing a second spatula. If you’re downsizing from a house to a condo, target the garage. Snow shovels, the lawn mower, ladders – you won’t need any of them. Please remember that when discarding unwanted items
that not all trash companies or local municipalities will take items such as TV’s, air conditioners, refrigerators, tires, paints and old computers. Check with your local providers and townships for more details.

5. Consider recycling or donating unwanted items. Recycle, reuse, sell and donate instead.  Don’t be afraid to ask your neighbors if they can use any of the small items in your house (cleaning products for example) instead of just throwing them away.

6. Label your packing boxes…which ones you want to Keep or Sell or Donate. Just a rule of thumb…when downsizing..only keep about half of your current belongings. Charity’s are a great way to get rid of unwanted items. Some charities will even come out to your property and pick them up (depending on condition of the item as well as the size)

7. Don’t be afraid to ask others for their opinion. If you can’t decide whether to keep or get rid of a specific item, don’t be shy in asking for a second opinion either from family, friend or neighbor.

8. Be very mindful that when selling your goods, they will not sell anywhere close to what you originally paid for it.

9. Sketch out and map out a floor plan to prearrange your furniture before the move. This is another useful reality check. To start, draw plans if you don’t have any, and sketch in a furniture layout. Don’t wait until after you move to contend with.

10. Once you get to the packing stage, use a system to organize all of your boxes. There are many ways to help organize your move, but one way is to choose a color for each room and mark the boxes destined for that room with a coordinating color sticker. Another option is to do it numerically so each room will have a number.

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