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Top 10 tips – to maximize your home value when trying to sell it

Top 10 tips for maximizing the value of your home…when you are considering selling it, by Nick Santoro and Joe Santoro, certified Senior Real Estate Specialist, Personal Property Managers.

  1. Remove unneeded items. When you have less clutter in your home it just makes your home look bigger, roomier and cleaner. Take your time. Go through your home and make piles of items and consider putting them in 3 categories; those you want to keep, those you want to get rid of and those you are still deciding and are on the fence with. This will make your life a lot easier and organized.
  2. Price it right. It is important that you have a complete understanding of your competition and price your home right, right from the beginning. Your real estate professional with develop a comparative market analysis to assist you in this area. A home that is priced well above the local market or above similar homes will not sell quickly, or possibly at all. Remember you only have one time to do it right and that must be right from the beginning.
  3. Work with a Pro. Having a good real estate agent or broker can make all the difference in the world. Today’s real estate market has rebounded. Your local professional realtor will assist you in the selling process. Today’s buyers are very careful and are value shoppers. A well conditioned home, priced right is the key to success. An agent who knows how to market and advertise your property, and who has good experience and connections, will be a huge asset.  
  4. Develop a marketing plan. The standard approach may not work for every property. When you decide upon an agent, make sure that he or she develops a customized marketing plan that fits you and your property. This may include social media marketing and a host of other online avenues well beyond a traditional flyer or sign on the lawn.
  5. Be very mindful of your pricing strategy. If your home isn’t getting a lot of activity or selling within a decent time period, usually within 30-60 days, work with your real estate professional to  consider changing the deal or make a price adjustment.  Offering a seller contribution is a great example. Be creative. You may want to consider offering a seller assist or a flat screen TV.   
  6. Get your finances in order. Consider having a home equity line of credit in place, should you need to relocate outside the area with your home unsold or if you happen to find the home of your dreams and your home is not sold. This way, you’ll have funds available.  Be aware, however, that if your current home doesn’t sell in a reasonable time period, you may be saddled with multiple mortgage payments. 
  7. Fix it up. It is very common for most buyers to ask for a home inspection. You’ll save time by getting a preliminary home inspection yourself and making repairs before putting the house on the market. In today’s market many potential buyers don’t want to buy a new home then turn around and invest more money to fix it up.  
  8. Ask for buyer feedback. Find out what potential buyers thought after a showing or any open houses you may have had. Take negative comments as constructive criticism, which will help you fix any flaws and capitalize on your strong points. 
  9. Watch out for buyer requested financing. Try and avoid at all cost a request from a buyer for you (the seller) to hold on to financing towards the purchase. Loans at fantastic rates are readily available. Don’t go into the banking business when there is less risk to you with an outright sale and traditional buyer financing.
  10. Be available for buyer showings at unusual times. If a potential buyer wants to see the house at an unusual time such a early morning or late at night, then so be it and do what you can to accommodate them. Don’t turn down a potential buyer…you just never know…

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