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Merry Christmas & Seasons Greetings

On behalf of our team at Personal Property Managers ( we wish you and your family a happy Holiday Season and a Merry Christmas. As you enter the new year and need help with moving, home downsizing, home cleanout, home content sale and liquidation, full-service discount real estate services, home watch services or property management give us a call. With Personal Property Managers…one call does it all. Contact Nick Santoro or Joe Santoro.

Increase Assisted Living Census Numbers

We help increase assisted living and senior living census numbers via our one-stop senior transition services for moving, home downsizing, home content liquidation and full service discount real estate services. For more info contact Joe Santoro at Personal Property Managers ( ) where one call does it all.

Personal Property Managers…one call does it all

Personal Property Managers , your one stop resource for home cleanouts, downsizing, estate sales, full service discount real estate services, home watch services and senior transition services

Understanding the Cost of Elder and Senior Care – 12

PPM smaller version Podcast - picture - final version 2-13-19

This podcast will share facts and insights into the cost of elder and senior care looking into Assisted Living, Nursing Home and In-Home Care Services and how Personal Property Managers can help fund a loved ones long term care. For more information contact Joe Santoro or Nick Santoro of Personal Property Managers at

Personal Property Managers specializes in: Home Downsizing, Home Cleanout Services, Estate Sales, Home Content Liquidation, Property Management, Absentee Home Watch, Moving, Full Service Discount Real Estate Services, Home Sales, Home Buyer Services, and Elder Care Services. With Personal Property Managers, one call does it all.