Semper Fi to US Troops and their Families

I was deeply saddened to learn this week that Fallujah and Ramadi, two major center in the Anbar province of Iraq, sites of the bloodiest battles of the war for freedom, fell back into the hands of terrorists backed by al-Qaeda.   

Of the over 4,500 US troops who made the ultimate sacrifice in Iraq, over a third gave their lives in the Anbar province.  

The cost of the war in both Iraq and Afghanistan is estimated to be over $2.0 trillion, with over 6,800 deaths and over 52,000 wounded US troops.

I ask that you keep in your prayers our fallen hero’s and the families of the fallen. My own son, Marine Sgt. Nick Santoro of Bucks County, Pennsylvania fought in both of these battles and was wounded in combat there. I am in awe of the men and woman who fought for us and struggle daily with their wounds seen and unseen.  I hope that in the future, the US government and governments around the world think deeply before committing America’s finest men and woman to war and think about the end game. We can certainly win any war, but much better plans need to be put into place to win the peace.

Semper Fi to all US Troops and their Families

Joe Santoro

Proud Marine Parent

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